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Side Dumps & Demolition Trailers Total: 16

Side Dumps

K-Line has extensive experience with all unloading methods and will work closely with our customers throughout the specification stage to help evaluate site conditions and unloading terminal requirements. Key to our customer’s success with these trailers has been higher hauling capacity without extra weight along with less wear over time for unparalleled equipment value. With the flexibility of lead and rear units being towable independently, it gives your team versatile options for site access. (see also the Mining Section)

Demolition Trailers

Ready for the Tough Jobs: For residential or commercial building lot reclamation, K-Line’s sturdy long lasting Demo Trailers offer high volume and heavy duty yet light weight steel construction with special suspension and dumping provisions. Custom Designs are Our Specialty! 80, 90, 100 Cu Yd., Tridem, Quad, Lift Axle options, High Sides — Yes! We can do it.

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Steel B-Train Side Dump Trailer
Steel B-Train Side Dump Trailer
Steel B-Train Two-Direction Side Dump Trailer
B-Train Steel Side Dump and Quad Axle End Dump Combination
Aluminum B-Train Side Dump Sulphur Trailer
10-Axle A-Train Side Dump Coal Hauler (see also Mining section)
Dual Powered Road Train (see also Mining section)
13-Axle Side Dump Coal Hauler
B-Train Ore Hauler
B-Train Hollow Core Hog Fuel Trailer
Side Dump Ore Trailer and Dumping Platform
Quad Axle Steel Demolition Trailer (Twin Hoist)
Tridem Steel Demolition Trailer
Tridem Steel Demolition Trailer
Tridem Steel Demolition Trailer
Aluminum B-Train Demolition Trailer
showing 1 to 16 of 16