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Multi-Axle Trailers & Heavy Haul Total: 22

Staying ahead of the competition just got easier! The ability to position payloads further forward can mean the difference between scaling the load, and losing your customer to a competitor that can. With K-Line’s gooseneck design, machines can be loaded further forward, allowing transfer of the payload to front axles. For 35 ton to 150 ton, 5 axles to 19 axles, 18 wheel to 102 wheel – no matter what the lowbed and highway permit needs, K-Line has the manufacturing capacity and qualified experience to build.

For maximum multi-wheel capacity and lowest profile, 16-24 wheel groups are used with jeeps, boosters, and dollies. Front, side, and rear loading methods are possible with a K-Line lowbed. Mechanical or hydraulically removable goosenecks and folding necks further ease equipment loading. K-Line's modular pin jointed designs offers outstanding flexibility and open ended fleet options for our customers. Let's work together... our goal is to listen to your needs and develop a solution specifically suited to your transport demands.

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70T Tridem Folding G/N
19-Axle Transporter
400T Crane Transporter and Loading Ramps
48-Wheel Dual Lane Transporter
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